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Application window re opens Fall 2022

Zen Stones

The Series

You are invited to join an intimate community

striving toward their financial goals in this 3 part series on money and healing. 

Money can hold powerful psychological and emotional meaning. Join an intimate community of women as we go beyond traditional principles of money management to understand and value the way we relate to money and identify the obstacles that have long held us back from financial peace. Over the course of three sessions, you will develop tools to help you work with your money emotions and relationships in daily life. Regardless of your financial past, you will leave this workshop feeling united in community and refreshed to continue along your financial journey.

We strive to make this space as inclusive as possible and invite all persons of color who identify as female or non binary to apply.

The details

What you can expect from the series

The series is comprised of 3 two-hour interactive workshops. Sessions will occur biweekly with the first session to begin this February. Assignments related to your personal financial development will accompany each session. You will leave this workshop feeling united in community and refreshed to continue along your financial journey.

Session Topics:

Session 1: Developing your financial consciousness

Session 2: Defining your financial future

Session 3: Moving toward healing


We have a sliding scale pricing model. Total cost for the series is $100 - $200 depending on where you feel you fall on the scale. We are aware that $100 may still be too high for some people; if this is the case for you, please contact us to start a discussion.


Women Colleagues

The Instructors

Alexis Henry

Alexis is the founder of We Are Talking, a platform providing 

empowerment, motivation and education on the topic of personal finance through one-on-one coaching, group workshops and fun events. She founded We Are Talking because she LOVES talking about money. She especially enjoys talking about how to set up a strong financial foundation and maximize your funds. Her mission is to turn the often avoided conversation about money into one you won’t want to stop!

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Josie Santiago

Josie is a long time educator, life-coach, dancer, and social justice advocate. When she is not practicing or teaching, she can be found facilitating workshops that support leadership development, developing diversity and inclusion strategies for organizations, or designing workshops on social-emotional development, trauma sensitive practices, and personal development. Josie leans heavily on the ancient practice of Yoga to sustain her as she strives to change the world with the fullest compassion. 

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The Reviews

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